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Who is the Best Doctor for Spine Surgery

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If you’re wondering, “Who is the best doctor for spine surgery?” then here are a few things you need to consider before choosing a spine surgeon.

1. The surgeon’s qualifications.

When searching for a spine surgeon, it’s important to do a bit of research and find out how many years of experience the surgeon has, whether he or she is engaged in research, and if there’s a specific type of spine surgery that they perform.

The success of a surgery is largely dependent on the surgeon’s experience. One study evaluated the outcomes of spine surgery for the treatment of scoliosis and found that surgeons with more than five years of experience with scoliosis surgery had better outcomes. Though there isn’t a particular number of surgeries that make a surgeon an expert, patients should find out how many surgeries the surgeon performs in a year.

To learn more about your surgeon’s experience, ask them the following questions:

  • How many times have you performed spine surgery?
  • How many times did you perform spine surgery in the past month? Past year?
  • How long ago did you first begin performing spine surgery?

2. The surgeon’s willingness to educate you.

Spine surgery is nearly always an elective surgery, which means it is only performed when absolutely essential. Before agreeing to undergo spine surgery, patients should take the time to consider other options. A good spine surgeon should be willing to educate and assist patients in the decision-making process and ensure they are fully aware of other options. Patients should understand the risks and benefits of spine surgery and only trust a helpful surgeon.

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3. The surgeon’s specialty.

If you’re wondering, “Who is the best doctor for spine surgery?” then you will also need to determine whether you need a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon. Though each specialty has a slightly different focus in training, both are well-qualified to perform spine surgery. However, patients who need tumor surgery may consider having a neurosurgeon operate. Complex cases may require both types of surgeons to ensure the operation is a success.

Neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons are both required to complete a surgical residency and have the option of completing a fellowship program that offers training in spine surgery. Regardless of the surgeon’s specialty, they should be either board certified or board eligible in orthopedic or neurological surgery.

4. The surgeon’s dedication to spine surgery.

Another sign of a surgeon’s qualifications is the amount of time they devote to spine surgery. Orthopedic physicians who focus on spinal surgery are usually more aware of the latest developments in technology and techniques, compared to those who only occasionally perform spine surgery. Spine surgeons who are members of the North American Spine Society are required to devote at least 50% of their practice to spine treatment.

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