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Sports Injuries

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Don’t be sidelined by your sports injuries for longer than you have to be.

Sports place a great strain on many areas of the body, including the knees, ankles, shoulders, and back. At our orthopedic center, our doctors have experience caring for both adults and children who suffer from sports injuries. Your care focus and treatment plan can be tailored to:

  • Your age group
  • Your activity level
  • Your sporting interests
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Sprains – a torn or stretched ligament

Dislocations – the ends of the bones are forced away from their normal positions

Fractures – a break or crack in the bone

Our doctors work to find minimally-invasive treatment methods in order to provide effective care with no lengthy recovery times. In many cases, surgery can be avoided altogether. Some effective non-surgical treatment methods for sports injuries are rest, physical therapy, compression, and ice therapy.