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Get the best treatment with a thorough evaluation as your first step.

In order to experience the best possible orthopedic care, a necessary initial step is an evaluation. Our evaluations begin and end with the same goal: to be able to treat your issue completely and long-term, without just masking your symptoms. An evaluation is a time to:

  • Ask questions that you may have
  • Answer all of your doctor’s questions
  • Provide any information that could be helpful

At Orange County Orthopedic Center, our diagnosis is carefully based on the type of pain you describe, your medical history, and any evaluations or diagnostic tests that our doctors determine are necessary.

Some of the diagnostic testing techniques we utilize include:

  • Imaging – This includes x-rays, used to look at bones and joints, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), used to look at healthy and diseased tissues.
  • Neurological exam – This type of exam looks at different areas, such as sesnsation, balance, reflexes, and movements.
  • Nerve conduction studies – This is performed in order to check for nerve damage.
  • Electromyography – This type of testing, also known as EMG, is used to determine which nerves or muscles are affected by pain.
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