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During rehabilitation, the focus is on helping you to completely recover after your surgery or injury. This phase of your care involves restoring your full range of motion and flexibility as well as preparing you in other ways, such as psychologically and socially. Rehabilitation involves training and therapy.

We also work with patients on pre-operative rehabilitation, during which you are prepared for your procedure.

After your injury or surgery, it is likely that you will not be able to return to normal activities immediately. You may need to use a wheelchair, crutches, or a splint at first in order to prevent movement of certain areas. After that, rehabilitation can help restore your strength and flexibility through:

  • Stretching exercises to improve muscle function
  • Massage to relieve tension and improve blood flow
  • Heat therapy to soothe the area and encourage healing
  • Physical therapy to provide balance, flexibility, and strength
  • Stability exercises to restore movements

Your orthopedic doctor might also provide you with special exercises or techniques that you can do yourself at home to maintain your rehabilitation.