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Arms & Hands

There are several different causes of pain in the arms and hands, ranging from simple injuries to complex orthopedic conditions. These types of issues can take a long time to heal, especially since it is difficult to completely rest your arms and hands.

Feet & Ankles

Orthopedic issues that affect the feet and ankles can be especially challenging and painful, often making it difficult to walk, exercise, and work. Contacting our office for your foot and ankle pain ensures that you will be back to your regular activities sooner, and with the help of minimally invasive procedures.

General Orthopedics

There are many orthopedic injuries that can occur anywhere on the body or even affect your entire body all at once. At Orange County Orthopedics, we work hard to treat these conditions quickly and effectively to help you find relief.


Hip pain is a common problem in orthopedics, and the pain can be caused by a number of conditions. Dr. Podolsky helps patients manage hip pain with non-surgical methods and minimally invasive procedures.


Your legs get a lot of use, whether you are going through typical daily activities or spending time exercising or playing sports. Your legs carry your body’s weight, and as a result can be vulnerable to orthopedic injuries.


Unfortunately, children are more susceptible to many types of orthopedic injuries due to the fact that their bodies are still growing. There are also orthopedic conditions that are seen beginning at birth or shortly after. At Orange County Pain Clinics, we provide quality and comforting care for patients of all ages.


Your shoulder operates with the help of several muscles, tendons, and joints, which means that it is at risk for a variety of different sources of pain.


SpineYour back is made up of several discs, nerves, and muscles. As a result, pain and orthopedic conditions that relate to the back are common.

Sports Injuries

Sports place a great strain on many areas of the body, including the knees, ankles, shoulders, and back. At our orthopedic center, Dr. Podolsky has experience caring for both adults and children who suffer from sports injuries.