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General wear and tear, overuse, and injury make up the majority of elbow problems.

Every time you bend or straighten your arm, all of your elbow’s components are working together–and an injury to this area can negatively affect all of your activities. It can be difficult to perform your job, drive a car, get dressed, or take care of your family.

If you are experiencing elbow pain that doesn’t respond to other treatment methods, your doctor might recommend elbow surgery to relieve pain, along with swelling or stiffness.

Your elbow is made up of the joining of three bones:

  • The ulna (the forearm bone on the pinky finger’s side)
  • The radius (the forearm bone on the thumb’s side)
  • The humerus (the upper arm bone)

Cartilage covers the surfaces where these bones meet, and the synovial membrane covers all other surfaces inside the joint to keep friction at bay when you use your arm. Ligaments on either side of the elbow keep the joint together.

A skilled surgical team is necessary for making sure that all of these sensitive (and important) areas are working properly.


Rehabilitating Your Elbow

With the right exercise program after surgery, you’ll be able to quickly regain elbow motion and strength, as well as strength in your forearm. The goal will be to help you return to your job duties, driving, and other basic activities as soon as possible. Your rehabilitation plan will depend on the procedure that you had, but remember: by following your doctor’s instructions, your recovery will likely be as smooth as possible.

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