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Common Orthopedic Problems in Seniors

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Common Orthopedic Problems in Seniors

Senior citizens experience several orthopedic problems after many years of wear and tear on the joints of their bodies. In addition to having degrading bone and cartilage in weight-bearing joints such as the knees and hips, senior citizens can develop health conditions such as arthritis or diabetes mellitus that contribute to their orthopedic issues. Fortunately, an orthopedist with an understanding of the body’s intricate musculoskeletal system is able to recognize orthopedic problems quickly to offer effective treatments.

Knee Problems

The knees are the first joints that most seniors have problems with because of the complexity of these structures, and the knees are susceptible to disease, inflammation, and strains. A knee is also a weight-bearing joint that undergoes hundreds of pounds of pressure on a daily basis. Modern living has led to knee disorders because seniors may have worked in occupations that required using the joints in an inappropriate way. For seniors with knee pain, finding effective treatments is vital to avoid total loss of mobility.

Hip Pain

Hip pain is common in seniors who are beginning to have balance and gait issues, and the hip bones will only work correctly when all of the joints in the body are in proper alignment. However, seniors who are unable to stand upright or lift their feet are going to experience chronic and debilitating pain in their hip joints. The hip bones are also areas of the body that begin to have decalcification, making the bones easier to break from a simple fall or tiny bump.

Spinal Problems

The spine is composed of numerous bones that protect sensitive nerves and is one of the areas of the body where seniors begin to feel discomfort as they age, leading to excruciating back pain. The vertebrae of the spine are responsible for supporting the back, and the tiny bones may decalcify or squeeze the intervertebral discs, causing additional discomfort. Orthopedic specialists can find an assortment of problems in the spine, including arthritis or spinal disc herniation that will lead to pain for senior citizens.

Shoulder Pain

The shoulders are another part of the body where senior citizens lose their mobility, making it difficult to enjoy daily activities that require using the hands and arms. The shoulder is a complex joint composed of tendons, ligaments, and muscles that work together to move correctly. Arthritic conditions often begin in the white hyaline cartilage due to overuse, leading to morning stiffness and pain during normal movements. Finding the reason for orthopedic shoulder problems and making a repair with a surgical procedure can help a senior citizen to maintain their independence.