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Can I Prevent Osteoporosis?

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Can I Prevent Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a chronic and progressive disorder that causes your bones to become increasingly brittle and weak. Your bones could be weakened so much by osteoporosis that coughing or a slip and fall in your home could cause a fracture. While some risk factors for osteoporosis cannot be controlled, such as your race and sex, there are important actions that you can take in order to prevent osteoporosis.

Diet and Supplements

An orthopedic doctor can help you to create a diet and exercise plan that offers some protection against osteoporosis. Although you reach your peak bone mass while you are in your 20s, it is not too late to make dietary changes that can help to strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis. Increasing your calcium and vitamin D intake is a good way to protect your bones. You could accomplish this through eating more broccoli, tofu, dairy, and plant-based milk substitutes such as cashew or almond milk. You could also take daily vitamin D supplements.


Exercise is also important in the prevention of osteoporosis. Weight-bearing exercises such as walking, using an elliptical trainer, or dancing facilitate the bone rebuilding process. If you have never exercised before, a doctor can help you to create a physical fitness plan. Even if you start by walking at a slow to moderate pace for ten minutes at a time, two or three times per day, you may be able to strengthen your bones. Weight training will also help to increase the strength of your bones and may help to prevent osteoporosis.

Lifestyle Changes

You might also consider implementing some lifestyle changes to help prevent osteoporosis. Quitting smoking is important to your overall health and your bone health. Reducing your caffeine and alcohol intake also helps to build bone mass. Practicing stretching and meditation exercises such as yoga may also help to boost your bone strength.


A doctor may suggest that you take some medications to help prevent the progression of osteoporosis. If test results show that your bone mass is low or decreasing, your doctor may prescribe a medication. There are many different medications that can help to prevent osteoporosis. You can use these osteoporosis prevention medications at the same time as making dietary and lifestyle changes and increasing your physical activity level.