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Spine surgery is a serious procedure and patients should obtain a second opinion before undergoing spine surgery. So before you do a Google search for “best spine surgeons near me,” here are a few things you should know.

Who needs spine surgery?

Patients experiencing symptoms in their extremities should schedule an appointment with their primary care physician and obtain an evaluation before visiting a specialist. A primary care physician may recommend engaging in stable physical activity and ask the patient to return within a few weeks if the symptoms persist.

If physical exercise, over-the-counter treatment, or pain management and anti-inflammatory medication fail to alleviate symptoms, patients will need to visit an orthopedic physician for specialized care and diagnosis.

If patients are diagnosed with a spinal condition, the orthopedic physician will recommend minimally-invasive treatment options, such as physical therapy, home exercises, medication, and/or spinal injections. Patients who don’t experience relief may need to undergo surgery.

Spinal surgery can help relieve pain, stabilize the spine, alleviate pressure on a nerve, remove a damaged portion of the disc, remove bone spurs, and fuse the spine to improve stability.

Traditional spine surgery vs. minimally invasive spine surgery

Unlike minimally invasive spine surgery, traditional spine surgery requires complete exposure of the anatomy. During minimally invasive spine surgery, the spine surgeon uses surgical aids, such as intraoperative spinal navigation, to help visualize the surgical site. The benefits of this type of surgery include less blood loss, shorter hospital stays, lower infection rates, and a shorter recovery time.

Not all patients are good candidates for minimally invasive spine surgery and should consult with their surgeon to discuss the risks and benefits of traditional spine surgery. Regardless of which surgery the patient undergoes, the spine surgeons at the Orange County Orthopedic & Pain Center will use the latest surgical techniques and technology to maximize benefits and minimize risk.

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What is laser spine surgery?

When searching for “best spine surgeons near me”, you’ll likely come across another type of spine surgery: laser spine surgery. This is a technologically advanced type of spine surgery performed to treat neck and back pain. Laser spine surgery has proven to be more effective and precise than other methods of spine surgery and is a preferred option among patients today.

Compared to other methods of spine surgery, which usually require four to six weeks of recovery, laser spine surgery can shorten the recovery period to just one to two weeks. During laser spine surgery, the surgeon makes an incision that is typically less than one inch in length. This helps to shorten the recovery time and reduce the risk of post-surgical infection.

Unlike other types of spine surgery, laser spine surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. This means that after surgery is completed, patients can go home without needing to spend the night at the hospital.

Before you do a Google search for “best spine surgeons near me”

If you live in Orange County, CA or Southern California, reach out to the Orange County Orthopedic & Pain Center for an evaluation with a member of our team of spine surgeons. We’re here to help you achieve lasting pain relief!