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Find a long-term pain solution with minimally invasive joint replacement.

With the developments in medical equipment and medical techniques, you can experience a joint replacement procedure that is quick and done in an outpatient setting, with durable and quality materials. At Orange County Orthopedic Center, we want to make sure you can return to your regular activities.

  • May use metal, plastic, or ceramic prosthesis
  • Many patients feel as though they have been given a new life


Joint replacement is typically used as a last resort when other methods for treatment are not effective. If you have tried other avenues for relief and are finding that your everyday activities are still limited and you are in continuous pain, your doctor might talk to you about joint replacement therapy for your knees, hips, or shoulders.

This method of surgery relieves pain, increases mobility, and allows you to return to regular activities after a relatively quick recovery. It can involve a total replacement, where the entire joint is replaced with a prosthetic, or a partial replacement, where only one part of the damaged joint is replaced.

After your joint replacement therapy, you will have a follow-up appointment to make sure that your surgery was effective and that you are healing. You may need to begin physical therapy soon afterward to get used to moving with your joint replacement.

Some of the most common types of joint replacement we perform are:

  • Anterior hip replacement – The replacement of the hip through the front as opposed to the back or side
  • Total hip replacement – The replacement of all or part of the hip with a prosthesis
  • Revision hip replacement – Adjustments made to a previous hip replacement
  • Total knee replacement – The resurfacing of an arthritis knee joint with artificial parts
  • Revision knee replacement – Adjustments made to a previous knee replacement