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Anatol Podolsky
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    Fellow of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery

    Anatol Podolsky, MD is a Mayo Clinic Trained Orthopedic Surgeon and has
    been in private practice in Orange County since 1991. The specialties of his
    practice are total joint replacement, both primary and revisions, and spine
    surgery. He improved Joint Replacement outcomes for his patients with
    latest advances and techniques practiced by leading Mayo surgeons,
    including Total knee without a Tourniquet, less pain and faster functional
    recovery. He invented and patented a new minimally invasive total hip
    system that is going through FDA approval process.

    Dr. Podolsky is a graduate of UCI Medical School. He completed his
    Orthopedic training in 1991 and also received a Masters Degree in
    Orthopedic Biomechanics at Mayo. During his training he won an Award
    for Excellence in Orthopedic Research and earned a traveling Fellowship to
    Oxford Nuffield Orthopedic Center in England. He was teaching as part-time faculty at
    UCI Orthopedic Program from 1991 through 2001. He is a member of the American
    Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS) and is active participating in all their
    meetings and education.

    As a spine surgeon in Orange County for over 20 years, Dr. Podolsky focuses his practice
    on the evidence-based techniques and perioperative care to improve outcomes, less
    invasive spine surgery areas, and similar advances allow faster recovery for his patients.
    He also performs microdiscectomy and MIS TLIF (posterior only approach with
    interbody fusion when necessary), and DTREX MIS Posterior C-spine fusion.
    Perioperative pain and bleeding control techniques he adopted help to reduce operative
    time, pain and hospital stay. A novel less invasive anterior neck discectomy and fusion,
    or disc replasement technique allows outpatient discharge home. New “zero profile”
    spine instrumentation and intraopeartive safety are helping to avoid previously frequent
    complications. He is also a member of the North American Spine Society (NASS).
    Dr. Podolsky was born in St.Petersburg, Russia. He was an athlete and was on USSR
    National Team in Figure Skating. When he immigrated to the United States he was
    working as a coach until he was accepted at UCI Medical School. Among his students
    were Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner, Tiffany Chin, Scott Hamilton, and Sasha Cohen.
    Because of his background in skating many Figure Skaters seek his treatment for their
    orthopedic injuries. He was a volunteer Doctor on USFSA Sports Medicine Committee.
    Dr. Podolsky welcomes any opportunity for discussion, presentations or consultations
    and treatment in his field of expertise.


    The dr’s are awesome and referred me to there physical therapy and meet shadi . She is one of the most awesome Physical Therapist I ever had. She is hands on and she did not even leave me alone for a second. I highly recommend her.
    nahid golgolab
    nahid golgolab
    20:52 15 Nov 21
    I had a great experience with Dr. Jeff Shah. He was very professional as was the staff. Also a very nice and exceptionally clean office! Thank you Dr. Jeff, youre the best!
    Mina Navaie
    Mina Navaie
    19:52 22 Nov 20
    I was in a lot of discomfort due to compression in the disc in my spine. Years of running were taking their toll. I was referred to Dr Shad and his team by a fellow runner. The experience has far exceeded my expectations not only is all the team at OC Orthopedic Center attentive and professional but the treatment on the DX 9000 treatments to decompress the discs has been a wonder and given me back some additional running time (years?) Highly recommend a visit!
    kathi guiney
    kathi guiney
    00:19 18 Oct 20
    Dr. Shad was amazing, he's extremely knowledgeable. He immediately knew where my back pain was and how to treat it. I've felt so much better. I'm very happy I went to Orange County Orthopedic, I highly recommend them. They have offer a lot of options for treatment.
    Camille Barber
    Camille Barber
    21:25 13 Oct 20
    Thank you to the team of Dr. Shad, Dr. Shiao and the efficient office ladies.Your expertise and abundant experience has relived my husband’s lower back pain where other clinics we visited couldn’t.Thank you also for giving us detailed instruction and advice to prevent further injuries.Once again, a great team!Highly recommendable!
    noriko iwakawa
    noriko iwakawa
    17:46 09 Oct 20
    Dom da Bomb
    Dom da Bomb
    20:58 16 Sep 19
    Friendly staff and great service! Dr. Shad took me in immediately after I was having lower back pain, and helped guide me to a fast recovery!
    James Herbert
    James Herbert
    01:44 29 Apr 19
    Janet Ma
    Janet Ma
    18:49 05 Sep 18
    Moe Javantash
    Moe Javantash
    14:16 19 Jun 17
    Great staff. Great Docs. Stellar place to get your PT
    Josh Spalts
    Josh Spalts
    16:34 18 Jun 17

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